26 January 2011

Dress Sense!!

I am so inspired by the scripture Titus 2:4 and therefore I am continuing to write on the topic 'Teach the Young Women'. Today I want to discuss the issue of clothing and how we as christian women dress and present ourselves to the rest of the world. God looks on your heart but unfortunately human beings see the outside of you.

From whom do we learn our sense of fashion? Our mums, friends, the catwalk models, movie and rock stars? Who? Fashion is an individual thing and is one of the many outlets through which we are able to express ourselves, so our sense of dress is a reflection of our own personality. What does the outfit that you are wearing say about you? Far too often our clothes announce our arrival and send messages such as; I'm desperate, I'm available, I'm lonely, I'm easy, don't mess with me, I just want to be invisible, I just want to be noticed or I am confident.

When I was slightly 'younger' females in the church weren't allowed to wear trousers, now that might seem archaic to some readers because thankfully we have moved away from the do's and don't and have trusted christian women to follow their own conscience concerning their dress sense. However, far too often we as human beings tend to throw out the baby with the bath water and we now have varied degrees of the interpretation of 'modesty' being revealed.

What I would suggest is that when you go shopping or when dressing yourselves in the morning you remember who you are. You remember that you are valuable and that a very high price was paid for you. Remember that you are royalty and that your very presence should be respected. You are chosen, set apart for a unique purpose and that you are special, one of a kind, there is no one else on this earth like you. Most importantly remember that you are loved. With these thoughts in mind and penetrating the very core of your being you cannot wear anything less than what makes you look your very best.


  1. Wonderful post!

  2. I am not sure if you got my last comment, so I am going to try again!

    I am not young, but I have young adult daughters and a daughter in law and each need to feel comfortable wearing trendy clothes, yet be able to choose things that do not suggest "BAD" things! There is such a need for a blog like this one. GOD BLESS YOU! Keep writing, sweet friend!


    PS: I am honored you asked my opinion on this blog.

  3. I would say this is *very* relevant to young women!! Especially this post!! Thank you for letting me know that you started it! I will now follow your blog :) God bless you!! Keep seeking the Lord!

  4. Tracey, do you have an email so I can write you? Love this new idea!