30 July 2010

The Language of Love

We all have our own interpretations of love and all receive love differently. Don't allow miscommunication to mess up a good thing.

My tip: Let's become bilingual and learn each other's love language.

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29 July 2010

To have and to hold

Marriage season is upon us, the time for love and romance, fun and laughter. Marriage can be heaven on earth or something quite the opposite. Just like pizza all marriages are unique and will be exactly what you decide to put on it. So throw on all the things that make each other happy and that you both love to indulge in. Remember the secret to a successful marriage is in the foundation. Just like a pizza needs a good base so marriage needs to be founded on a good frienship 'Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage' (Heb 13:4). My marriage tip: Hold on tight and enjoy the journey!

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